November 1971
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Letter from the Editor 3
Miscellaneous Notes 5
M.N.Q.2.1 The Link with the Daltons of Yorkshire. 5
M.N.Q.2.2 John Woodward, father-in-law of Rev. James Dalton of Stanmore. 5
M.N.Q.2.3 Descendants of Dr. James Dalton and Augusta Ritso. 5
M.N.Q.2.4 Lord Cross of Chelsea. 6
M.N.Q.2.5 Marriage of Richard Lysons & Jennifer Haylett  ...  18 Apr 1971. 6
M.N.Q.2.6 Family Gathering in Shropshire. 7
Births 7
Chantal Dominique Dalton ... 13th Jan 1971.
Barnaby John Allan Dalton ... 7th Apr 1971.
Anthony Charles Neale Dow ... 16th May 1969.
Deaths 8
Alec Linton ... 6th Jun 1971.
Mrs. Dorothea Matilda Mathieson ... 17th Dec 1970.
The College of Arms Today by J. P. Brooke-Little 9
  • Mr. Brooke-Little is the Richmond Herald at the College of Arms and an Honorary Member of the Dalton Genealogical Society. This article describes the origins and functions of the College and its Officers.
Daltons in America by Edward Adams Dalton 12
  • Edward Adams Dalton is the President of the Dalton Family Organisation in the United States. In this article, he traces the history of the large Dalton family now spread across the States. Five Pedigree charts are included, showing the descent of the American families from James Dalton (1650-1721) and Joyce Vaughan (1647-1731).
Daltons and the Drapers' Company by J. C. N. Dalton 19
  • A brief description and history of the Drapers' Company and details of the Daltons who have been connected with it since 1503 when a John Dalton became an apprentice and 1780 when William Edward Dalton joined the Worshipful Company.
Thurnham Hall and the Daltons of Thurnham by Michael N. Dalton 22
  • This is a reprint of Chapter 22 of "Northward" by Anthony Hewitson, published in Preston in 1900 and described as "historic, topographic, residential and scenic gleanings, etc., between Preston and Lancaster". Chapter 22 covers the area round Thurnham. There are line drawings and a map of the area, by Miss K. Shrimpton, a list of Lords of the Manor and Pedigree charts of the Thurnham Dalton family.
Family trees for the above article 34
A Monograph on Leighton Mayo Dalton by Kathleen I. N. Dalton 38
  • Leighton Mayo Dalton, born 1849, died 1907, was Curate of Canning Town in the East End of London. Kathleen's memories are extended by Mrs. Leaning's account of him.
Family Re-union at Parowan, Utah, U.S.A. on 24th Jul 1971 by Edward Adams Dalton 42
  • A record of an event held by the Dalton Family Organisation in the States and the text of an Address to the Business Meeting sent by the Editor of the D. G. S. Journal.
Occasional Notes 44
O.N.2.1 Subscriptions for 1972.
O.N.2.2 Appeal for contributions for Vol 3.
O.N.2.3 Upkeep of computerised genealogy.
O.N.2.4 Family shields available.
Income and Expenditure Account for 1970/71 45
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